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MSI Wind U160

12/14/2010 5:17:21 PM

MSI makes very good netbooks. That is a fact that everyone knows and while their netbooks are not always the skinniest ones in the market, you know that they will have excellent working capabilities that the others may not always have. The MSI Wind U160 is no different. It is a very good looking netbook that carries MSI’s legacy of great craftsmanship. For one thing, it comes in great colors that you will find hard to resist; it is also sleek and vey compact. Both are qualities that make it very easy to carry around during an average work day. You will not sprain your back carrying this netbook around that is for sure.

This netbook also has one thing that makes MSI netbooks so great to use. The chiclet design of the keyboard makes it more than fantastic as this makes the keys very springy and very responsive; absolutely perfect if you are doing quite a bit of typing on your Wind U160. The track pad is also a joy to use since it blends easily right into the netbook’s palm rest.

The LCD also gives you sharp images that will make reading and surfing a breeze. You will not get a headache, which is a guarantee. Take note that this netbook also has its own webcam that is placed right on top of the LCD on the bezel. You will be able to hold video chats and conferences wherever you are even if you do not have a separate webcam. In fact, you do not even need a separate webcam. Also, do not bother with a microphone since this netbook has its own microphone that gives you great voice quality as it works to muffle background noise.

The MSI Wind U160 has a very long battery life that can last you the whole day.


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