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7” Intel Atom-N270

12/14/2010 5:12:30 PM

Looking for a new gadget, a laptop maybe? Something that is small, light and easy to bring around? Then why not consider getting a netbook? It is basically a smaller version of a laptop.  It’s very easy to use and has great features. I would suggest the 7” Intel Atom-N270. It is easy to use and very portable.

Let me tell you more about it so you’ll know why I suggest that you get this particular netbook. First, it has a 7-inch screen. Which means it’s not too big and yet, not too small. Its Display is TFT Highclear Digital Screen.  It comes in three colors: Black, White and Pink. So you really have a choice on what will suit you and your taste.

It has Intel Atom-N270 processor. It has the Windows CE 6.0 operating System and has a 128MB DDRII memory. Considering it a smaller gadget, it has a high memory capacity.

Its HDD which is the Hard Disk Drive is 2GB NAND Flash. 512MB/1GB is an option. This netbook is also WIFI ready which means wherever you go that has wireless connection; you can browse the sites you want on the internet. It is perfect for people on the go to check emails as well.

I think this would really be perfect for someone who doesn’t need a very complicated gadget. It is easy to use and portable. Perfect for young people because of the nice colors available to choose from. It has pre-installed software like games, IE browser, WORD/EXCEL/POWERPOINT/Pdf Reader/Picture Browser/Multimedia Player/MSN/Calculator, etc. It has all the basics that one needs to start. You can even add more programs of your choice as well.

So if you’re looking for a gadget for yourself or for someone special, why not get him or her this 7” Intel Atom N-270 netbook. It would be a perfect gift of choice.


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