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10.1" Samsung N130

12/14/2010 5:05:57 PM

You might be getting tired of bringing around your laptop which oftentimes, is heavy enough to make your arm fall off. Especially when you are travelling with it; it is just not that convenient to bring around. If you are looking to buy a computer which you can conveniently bring around to do some light work on, why not get yourself a netbook? Specifically, the 10.1” Samsung N130 which is a nifty little gadget that will bring big changes to your life.

You can get this little cutie in different colors; you have four to choose from- black, white, pink and blue. This way, you can get one that appeals to you. But the better thing about the N130 is that while it is pretty on the outside, its functions are just as good. It has a webcam, a 3 in 1 card reader. The battery can also last around 7 hours. That is a great time for this little netbook that is also wifi ready. So you no longer have to get add-ons just to access the wireless internet wherever you go.

This netbook is great for your personal use or as a gift. Sure it may not be something that you give anyone, but you can give it to someone who needs it and you won’t even feel the cost very much as it is very reasonable priced. The makers or the N130 have your satisfaction in mind and have made a convenient and sporty looking netbook that you will want to bring around everywhere. It is way smaller than your normal laptop so it might even fit easily in your purse and in your brief case. The Samsung N130 measures exactly 263.8x185.5x28.5 and is a lightweight at 1.25kg. This is a delightful machine that may weigh almost as light as air but is certainly has heavyweight features.


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